Jeff Coburn

Director of Strategy and Engagement


Jeff served as the North American Director of Creative Strategy and a Group Creative Director for Momentum Worldwide for 17 years, leading concepting, campaign strategy and development, as well as a dozens-strong creative team providing award-winning work across the engagement spectrum, from content to digital platforms to traditional advertisings, promotion, experiential and direct marketing.

He built and led teams over 12 years serving clients including Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, General Motors, Nikon, Comcast, Kraft Foods, Nabisco, Intel, Wendy’s, the U.S. Army and many others.

Jeff was a founding member of many education and collaboration initiatives including the McCann WorldGroup Strategy Board (both North America and worldwide) as well as an intra-agency global education university.  In that role, he created and ran over a dozen training seminar series for internal audiences and clients involving concepting, brand strategy and engagement pathways. As part of outreach, served as Momentum’s representative to the Advertising Education Foundation as a guest lecturer in creative and engagement concepting at universities including Notre Dame, Northwestern and BYU.


Most recently, Jeff has served for 4 years as a co-owner and Director of Strategy for Total Orbit, an innovative digital healthcare platform serving providers seeking to connect more closely with patients and families to help drive higher health literacy and accountability, satisfaction and support better clinical outcomes and  business goals.  


Jeff has a Bachelor of Journalism Degree with Advertising Emphasis from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  His outside interests include cultural studies, start-up idea labs, mentoring, golf, hiking and history.  He sits on the Editorial Board for the Business of Healthcare, an innovative interview series seeking to drive better conversations relating to the future of healthcare.

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